Here is a list of available podcast episodes:

  1. Episode 1: Dan Perrault (Co-Creator of American Vandal)
  2. Episode 2: Sean Carrigan (Coach Rafferty On ‘American Vandal’), Actor, Improvisor, And Comedian – Striking The Balance
  3. Episode 3: Gina Ippolito (TV Writer), Building Community, Doing EVERYTHING, And How To Be A Writer
  4. Episode 4: Dave And Angela Dennison (Small Comedy Scene Club Owners)
  5. Episode 5: Michael Rousselet, From Cult Leader To 5 Second Films To Cyanide And Happiness
  6. Episode 6: Ahmed Bharoocha, Different Comedy Scenes, Nailing A Late Night Set, And Sketch Comedy
  7. Episode 7: Susan Jones, Road Warrior & Prepping For EVERYTHING From Bar Shows To Cruises
  8. Episode 8: Kortney Shane Williams (Best In Northwest), Opening For Chappelle, Producing An Album
  9. Building A Comedy Community Part I With Nathan Mosher
  10. Episode 10: Chris Reinacher, Former BuzzFeed Star, Going Viral And STILL Being Funny
  11. Episode 11: Natalie Holt (Comedian And Producer), How To Run A Great Open Mic, Women In Seattle Comedy
  12. Episode 12: Bill Conway, Co-Founder Of TheHardTimes.Net (1m+ Unique Visitors Per Month)
  13. Episode 13: The Joke Editing Process With Sarah Martin
  14. Episode 14: Emmett Montgomery, Comedian And Cultivator Of Human Emotion
  15. Episode 15: Emmett Montgomery Part 2, Character Work And Last Comic Standing
  16. Episode 16: Ryan O’Flanagan (30 Minute Comedy Central Special, American Vandal)
  17. Episode 17: Multi-City Producing And Featuring With Erin Ingle
  18. Episode 18: Producing Content With Jared Popkin
  19. Episode 19: Nicole Becannon, Roast Battling Pro
  20. Episode 20: Alex Hooper On Being A Big Lovable Weirdo
  21. Episode 20 1/2: Rob Schneider (Mini Episode)
  22. Episode 21: Andrew Rivers On 4-Walling, Touring, And Putting Stuff Online
  23. Episode 22: Bo Johnson (Kevin Hart’s “Hart Of The City”)
  24. Episode 23: Chad Kroeger (“Chad Goes Deep” Not Nickelback)
  25. Episode 24: Brent Pella (NACA Comedy, Character Work, Stand Up Cartoon)
  26. Episode 25: Fahim Anwar (From Hour Lunch Breaks To Hour Specials)
  27. Episode 26: Brian Moses, Host Of Comedy Central Roast Battle
  28. Episode 27: Jesse Warren (Self Help Books, Mindfulness, And Talking To Girls)
  29. Episode 28: Richard Sarvate (Producer Of SF’s “The Setup” And Former Software Engineer)
  30. Episode 29: Lucas Cruikshank, Inventing Fred And Being The First YouTube Celebrity
  31. Episode 30: Jon Rudnitsky (Hacking JFL And Getting On SNL)
  32. Episode 31: Salma Zaky, Doing Comedy In College, Allocating Time Effectively, And MORE