Hailing from a WASP-y community in Greenwich, Connecticut, I decided to become a comedian when I realized making people laugh made them not hate me. During my acne-ridden and defining high school years, I found solace through improv classes at school and stand up classes in New York City. When I earned the much desired superlative ‘Class Clown’ in my graduating class of 800, I began to see that maybe all of my teenage angst paid off after all. After getting accepted into UCLA, I switched coasts and continued performing on stage, lamenting the struggles of being a privileged Italian-American Jew, meatball and mozzarella references abound. It was at UCLA that I founded Shenanigans Comedy Club, jump-starting UCLA’s comedy scene and helping it earn the ranking of #2 in College Magazine’s “Colleges for Aspiring Comedians.” I have a YouTube sketch channel Chaabros, have produced dozens of recurring shows, and opened for Maria Bamford, Moshe Kasher, and Ali Wong. Right now, I am a software engineer by day and comic by night. At the end of the day I’m just an open miker like you trying to figure this whole thing out.

If you want to chat about comedy or just send me death threats, e-mail me at [email protected]