There’s no major for “stand up comedian.” There’s no college recruiting program for HBO actors/actresses. And there aren’t any classes that answers the ever elusive “How I do I balance a full time 9-5 job, LA traffic, and still follow my dreams?” When your passion is being creative, people tell you “it’s too competitive” or “have a fallback plan.” Why is there a career path for virtually every other medium besides “making it” as a creative in entertainment? Working Comic’s mission is to help define that path – through the triumphs and failures of those who are where we want to be. In the Working Comic Podcast, I interview both creatives (comedians, actors, improvisors, writers, directors, animators, producers, show runners, etc) and industry/gate-keepers (comedy club owners, festival runners, agents, managers, etc) to help paint a bigger picture.

  1. From successful creatives, we can learn the habits, mechanics of skill, and entrepreneurial skills employed to become better at creating and promoting our selves.
  2. From industry/gate-keepers, we can gain valuable insights on the other side of entertainment and how we can best position ourselves for success.

It’s time to define a path for making it in comedy, so let’s do it together.