Episode 48: Curtis Cook (Jim Jefferies Show & Comedian) and Joke Politics

Hi Working Comic Fans,

I know I have been sparsely posting, but I am still at it. I am probably going to do less than one podcast per week, but I am definitely not dropping the ball here. I’ve been travelling a lot and prepping my tech roast show “Socially Inept.”

I had a really cool interview with TV Show Writer & Comedian Curtis Cook. We start out talking about how Curtis got into comedy and segue into an interesting tangent on comedy politics. We spend most of the episode talking about recovering from an offensive bit, being edgy on stage, using stereotypes, growing from mistakes, and much more. These are a lot of the questions that I ponder over with my close comedian friends, so it was a real treat discussing them with the very well spoken and accomplished Curtis Cook.

Curtis’ Bio:
Curtis Cook is a writer and standup living in Los Angeles. He’s done a few things on television you may have seen, like puking after a keg stand on a show called Flophouse or traveling through an Ebola checkpoint for a segment on Vice News or awkwardly interacting with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein during a sketch on Porlandia or doing a standup set on Comedy Central. Most recently, you may have caught his work as a writer and correspondent for The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central.

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