Episode 44: Caleb Synan on Just For Laughs and working under pressure

I had a great interview with Caleb Synan last week. We chatted about his experience doing Conan, his philosophy regarding high pressure performing situations, his incredible ‘Just for Laughs’ experience, mastering social media and much more.

Here’s a link to his stand up set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WUImcSYyyQ

Bio: Caleb Synan is one of the hottest young comics in the country. (Funny AND good looking!) His unique background as a preacher’s kid from a small southern town gives him the ability to relate to any and every crowd — even though he’s a big old millennial who lives in LA. Want proof? He’s written and starred in two different Comedy Central web series: “Deadliest Chef” and “Wise Words” (That’s the internet!) And he’s performed on CONAN (twice!), Last Comic Standing (once!), and Fuse’s “Uproarious” (TV! That’s right!)

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