Episode 41: Sammy Obeid, Comedian and Mathematician

Hi Working Comic Fans,

This week I interviewed comedian, mathematician, and (unofficial) world record breaker for doing the most consecutive nights of comedy shows in a row. Sammy is incredibly talented and has a very unique set of skills. His math major background clearly influences his humor and the projects he chooses. I really love the amount of emphasis Sammy places on taking care of one’s physical and mental health – two things often overlooked by busy comedians. We talk about a ton of great things during this interview including structuring your day, learning from 1001 nights of comedy, taking care of yourself, turning data into comedy, hosting a math show on a major TV network and MORE!

Disclaimer: About half way through the interview, my mic starts acting up… Sorry about that. It’s not that bad. Just a couple of pops.

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