Episode 36: Eric Moneypenny (How he became a Professional Comedy Writer)

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally returned! This is a super fun interview. I met with Eric Moneypenny, a professional comedy writer who currently writes for AOK. You might remember him from Episode 2 with Gina Ippolito when she recommended that aspiring sketch writers take his class at the Pack Theater in LA. I took his class and got a chance to sit down with him.  We chatted about a ton of stuff including: 

  • Choosing your comedy focus
  • Transitioning from stand up to writing
  • His Saturday Night Live audition experience
  • Running a 10 Year Sold Out Comedy Show
  • Touring with Drew Carey
  • Working with Jordan Peele
  • The death of cable

Bio: Eric Moneypenny is a writer for AOK, former writer for Eric Andre Show, and writer/performer for The Midnight Show (TMS), a popular monthly sketch comedy showcase at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.Eric has writes both short form comedy sketches and longer form television shows. He also teaches sketch writing classes at the Pack Theater in Hollywood.


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