Episode 35: Michael Longfellow (Conan, Laughing Skull, TBS Comics to Watch)

Hi Working Comic Fans,

I am going to be a bit slow over the holidays with releases. I’ve stepped down to one every other week for the time being as I am home on the east coast. In this interview, I chatted with Michael Longfellow! Michael is 24 and has already been on Conan, placed 2nd in Laughing Skull comedy festival, helps run Arizona’s Big Pine Festival, was a TBS Comic to Watch, and can be seen on Hidden America with Jonah Ray. In this interview we touch on:

  • Getting into comedy
  • Not joining a frat
  • College comedy at ASU
  • Circumventing the gatekeepers
  • Being in a relationship and doing comedy
  • Starting over in LA
  • Running A Festival
  • Laughing Skull Festival
  • Conan Stand Up Set

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