Episode 32: Nicholas Rutherford (Good Neighbor Stuff, SNL, Adult Swim)

Hey Working Comic Fans, sorry for the delay! I’ve been super busy moving into my new place and balancing several shows that I’m producing. I really think that this episode was worth the wait as I had the opportunity to interview Nick Rutherford. Nick is one of the original members of Good Neighbor Stuff, a viral sketch comedy group with a cult following. This group featured Nick Rutherford, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett who all went on to work for Saturday Night Live. I was really excited to do this interview because Good Neighbor Stuff honestly formed a lot of my humor in High School and College. All of my friends and I were obsessed with their videos. I DEFINITELY recommend checking them out.

Here are some things we talk about:

  • Pomodoro Technique for productivity
  • Taking a step back for appreciation
  • How ‘Good Neighbor Stuff’ formed
  • Cold Calling Colleges
  • How Good Neighbor Made Sketches
  • Growth Hacking
  • The ‘Good Neighbor Stuff’ cult following
  • Sketch writing to TV writing
  • Writing for SNL
  • Writing for Adult Swim
  • How writing HAPPENS

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