Episode 30: Jon Rudnitsky (Hacking JFL and Getting on SNL)

Hello Working Comic Fans! I am super excited to share with you one of my FAVORITE recent interviews. I had the chance to meet with Jon Rudnitsky, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live! Jon was a featured player in SNL’s 41st season that aired 2015-16. I met Jon a couple of years ago outside the Hollywood Improv and I remembered him being such a cool guy. At the time, he was most notable for winning the 2012 UCLA vs USC Laugh Bowl and then going on to star in some hilarious viral videos (like this True Detective Spoof). When he got onto SNL, I was absolutely mind blown and extremely impressed. It’s not usual to see someone YOU KNOW get on the most coveted comedy TV show of all time. Here are some of the many things you can expect to hear about:

– Going from a USC Grad to SNL to movies
– How Jon got an SNL Audition
– What the SNL Audition is Like
– What it’s like to work as a performer on SNL
– The Hulu Mini Series he worked on with George Clooney
– How to be resilient


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