Episode 28: Richard Sarvate (Producer of SF’s “The Setup” and Former Software Engineer)

Hey Working Comic Fans, this week I had the opportunity to meet with Richard Sarvate. Richard is a fantastic up and coming comic and former Yahoo Software Engineer who made a name for himself in San Francisco and Los Angeles for creating the extremely popular show “The Set Up.” This is one of the BEST SELLING and most popular shows in all of San Francisco. He also produces a big show called Comedy Vs Nerds where comedians do jokes about the tech scene (he graciously gave me a spot!). In this interview we dive into the following topics:

    • Cryptocurrency
    • Near death experience
    • Taking breaks from comedy
    • Meditation (Power of Now)
    • Yahoo Engineer to Comedian
    • Making Money While Doing Comedy
    • Investing
    • Producing Successful Shows
    • Starting your own comedy club

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