Episode 26: Brian Moses, Host of Comedy Central Roast Battle

Hello Working Comic Fans! I interviewed Brian Moses, the host of Comedy Central’s hit show “Roast Battle.” We talk about a TON of super cool stuff. In this episode, I learned that he essentially CREATED THE ROAST BATTLE FORM! Wow, that’s huge. This interview is super informative and I attempted to break it up by topic below if you want to skip ahead to different parts. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s what we cover:

  • Pornhub Awards (0:50)
  • Formation of the Roast Battle (~10:00)
  • Selling a show to Comedy Central (~15:05)
  • Financial success from selling a show (~17:00)
  • Selling shows: Major Networks vs Cable (~17:30)
  • Getting Jeff Ross involved (~23:20)
  • Scene Hacking and maximizing stage time (~27:45)
  • Rising popularity of roast battling and roast structure (~31:00)
  • How to host effectively (~39:45)
  • General Advice for New Comics (~48:50)
  • Get involved with Roast Scene (~54:20)

Roast Battle Podcast (iTunes Link)

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