Episode 20 1/2: Rob Schneider (Mini Episode)

I got a random text from my buddy Peter on Wednesday saying that Dave, the owner of Laugh’s Comedy Club, wanted us to show up to the mic early. When I got there, I heard whispers that ROB SCHNEIDER was hiding in the green room. It turns out he was. I was in the bar area, and I saw this extremely small middle aged man come out of the green room. This turned out to be none other than DEUCE BIGALOW himself. He did a 20 minute set and crushed it in my opinion. A few jokes were a little off the mark and others not very PC, but overall it was a good set for nearly 20 minutes of brand new material. At one point on stage he realized that he wasn’t recording his set and cursed himself quietly. His set ended in with a crushing applause. When it was over, in my typical fashion, I followed him off stage to see if I could talk to him. He went straight for the green room and motioned for my comedian friend Danny and myself to come in. He took out his big yellow notepad and began running down his set. “Ok, I know I did the psychiatrist joke… how did that do?” And we proceeded to go through all of his material giving him our opinions and stating the audience feedback.

Meanwhile, Dave was nearly having a heart attack because Rob’s manager told him that nobody was to approach Rob. Dave would come into the green room periodically and elbow Danny and I really hard and say that he needs to talk to us in the kitchen. He was very nervous and went back in to apologize when Rob presumably told him that it was okay we were there because we were helping him with his bits. We must’ve helped him recount his bits for 30-40 minutes. After we left the green room, a local transgender comedian confronted Rob about an allegedly insensitive trans-phobic joke that he made.  Rob handled a situation that might be a typical 90’s comedian’s worse nightmare very gracefully. He approached the confrontation very empathetically, heard out the other party, clarified his comments and hugged it out with the comic. After this short exchange, I found out that it was my turn on stage, so I rushed to make my set. At the end of the night, I ended up driving Rob back to his hotel and we talked about life and comedy. I even managed to record a 13 minute episode of Working Comic Podcast that you guys can listen to right here:

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