Episode 18: Producing Content with Jared Popkin

Hey Working Comic fans! Sorry for the delay again. I was on vacation with my girlfriend this past week at my family Lake House in New York. I tried desperately to post earlier, but there was negative internet out there…

In this interview, I had the opportunity to speak with comedic actor and producer Jared Popkin. Jared has produced dozens of BuzzFeed videos with millions of views and is actively selling and pitching various comedy series’. Most importantly, he was my old college improv team coach! Jared knows what it means to be on both sides of the camera, how to produce impressive comedic content while on a tight budget and how to hustle in the fast paced world of Show Biz. Throughout the interview we explore the following:

  • What goes into producing?
  • Should you re-brand your channel?
  • How does one assemble an effective team?
  • How does one take her YouTube channel to the next level?
  • Arguing while working towards a common goal
  • Division of creative control

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