Episode 14: Emmett Montgomery, Comedian and Cultivator of Human Emotion

Hi Working Comic Fans,

This is a very epic episode! I interviewed Seattle’s favorite comedian, Emmett Montgomery. Emmett is a stand up comedian, storyteller, puppeteer, character comic, curator of talent, and just a quirky cool guy. You might’ve seen him at Bumbershoot or on Last Comic Standing! I really enjoy this interview because it gives Emmett a chance to showcase his incredible storytelling skills. He is absolutely captivating and runs some really cool unique shows in Seattle that will make you laugh and sometimes cry. Emmett watched the Seattle scene grow up and helped incubate it into the breeding ground for indie shows that it is today.

Here are some topics that we cover:

  • Working at Hollywood Video
  • Early 2000’s Seattle Comedy Scene
  • Comedy Boom in Seattle (1970’s and 80’s)
  • Vehicles driving into his store
  • Escaping the 9-9 Grind and quitting the day job
  • Rise of the Seattle Indie Scene
  • Live Comedy competing with Online Comedy
  • Running successful shows
  • Incorporating an act in his show where Son reads aloud letters he wrote to his mother from prison
  • How to say ‘no’ to people that want to be on your show
  • Saying ‘yes’ to puppet shows and entering OTHER scenes
  • Opening for Dave Chappelle
  • Dealing with severe health issues

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