Episode 11: Natalie Holt (Comedian and Producer), How to Run a Great Open Mic, Women in Seattle Comedy

In this episode, I was lucky enough to meet up with Natalie Holt. Natalie is a leader in the Pacific Northwest Comedy scene. She produces several shows and runs the famous Comedy Underground Open Mic, the longest running comedy open mic in Seattle. Natalie has appeared at Seattle’s large Bumbershoot festival, the 208 Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, and 10,000 Laughs. In this interview we talk about some of the following:

  • Natalie’s first stand up comedy experience
  • The state of the Seattle comedy scene
  • Being a woman in comedy
  • How to run a great open mic
  • Mentorship in comedy
  • Tips to succeed in the PNW comedy scene

I hope you all enjoy!

Natalie’s Site
Sexual Awake’n’Baking
Jokes: 10, Looks: 3

iTunes Link Here

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