Episode 10: Chris Reinacher, Former BuzzFeed Star, Going Viral and STILL Being Funny

In this interview, I had the privilege of meeting with Chris Reinacher. Chris is a former Buzzfeed celebrity, writer, actor, improvisor, filmmaker, and editor to name a few. He has over 800k followers across his social media platforms and has mastered the craft of making viral content that is ALSO funny and doesn’t sacrifice comedic integrity.

In this interview we talk about a lot of cool things including:

  • Being in a popular sketch group
  • Learnings from BuzzFeed
  • Dealing with “the industry”
  • Making of a good team
  • Treading the fine line of virality and actually being funny
  • How to get good production quality
  • Being a better writer/story teller

“The hard part is that I’m constantly working on side projects and thinking of new things. And the really hard part is going like, ‘what actually deserves my attention’?” – Chris


Here are some resources from the episode:
Hero’s Journey
Truth in Comedy
Save the Cat
Top of the Rock

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