Building a Comedy Community Part I with Nathan Mosher

In this episode of Working Comic Podcast, I co-host with one of my best friends, Nathan Mosher. Nathan Mosher is a stand up comic based out of Los Angeles. He helped me start and run Shenanigans Comedy Club which has grown to be one of the biggest comedy groups at UCLA. In this more free-formy episode, we share our experiences producing shows and developing a comedy scene from the ground up. We recorded this out of my girlfriend’s car in Westwood right before performing at Boyband at The Improv Space. This is only one part of my incredible experience with comedy at UCLA and I will continue to make episodes about this down the line. There are a lot of people involved that helped make the scene what it is today that aren’t named in this episode for the sake of brevity, so I’ll definitely do a more in depth coverage soon.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Building a comedy scene
  • Producing college shows
  • What makes a good show

Nathan’s YouTube ChannelĀ 
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