Episode 6: Ahmed Bharoocha, Different Comedy Scenes, Nailing a Late Night Set, and Sketch Comedy

This past Sunday, I had a fantastic interview with Ahmed Bharoocha. He was generous enough to have Marlina (my girlfriend) over his house on a Sunday evening even though his little baby was sleeping. Ahmed is a stand up comic featured on Conan O’Brian and Comedy Central (30 minute special), was featured in Montreal’s Just for Laugh’s, has a viral sketch comedy channel called Dead Kevin, and is on Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC. In this conversation we cover a variety very interesting topics including:

  1. Starting in a small comedy scene and moving to LA
  2. Differences between smaller and larger scenes
  3. Leveraging existing material in a new scene
  4. Building a ‘tight 5’ for a Late Night Set
  5. Being a part of a popular weekly sketch channel

I learned a lot and I hope you guys do as well!

Buy Ahmed’s album
Watch Dead Kevin
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